Kim Knoll

Information Technology
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I sincerely love what I do for a living! My sole focus is the Information Technology sector in the Des Moines metro area, as well as the surrounding communities. I’ve worked this niche for twenty years. My prior experience includes working for a software development company who wrote their own operating system as well as a hardware reseller. I know our market like the back of my hand! I have a sincere passion and true understanding of the impact on all the parties involved when it comes to making a career change or hiring someone to join your team. I feel that I’ve made a difference in a handful of people’s lives having placed over 550 people during my tenure. The part of my work that drives me day after day is all of the great, intelligent people I’ve met and the laughs that I have on a daily basis.

If you do decide to work with me as a client, I will be straight-forward and do my best not to waste your time! If I don’t think that I can fill your opportunity, I’ll be transparent. I believe in making lasting client relationships and am proud to say that some of my existing clients date back to 1995 when I started working the IT desk here at Executive Resources®. Others have come into our market over the past decade, which has been exciting for myself and Iowa’s technical landscape.

If I work with you as a candidate, please know that I pride myself on being fair and taking into consideration that not only does making a career change impact you, but your family also. After making hundreds of offers, I’m skilled at getting the questions answered that you may not even think about during the process of considering a job change, in order for YOU to make an informed decision! I know that this isn’t about me, it’s about you.

In regard to a career high for me, I’d have to say that would be being accepted as a member into the Pinnacle Society in 2001. The Pinnacle Society is a consortium of the top 75 North American Industry-Leading Recruiters within the direct placement and search industry. For more than 20 years, the Pinnacle Society has provided some of the nation’s top recruiters a forum in which to exchange the business principles and placement techniques that led them to achieve, and allows them to maintain their success. The Pinnacle members define themselves by a code of excellence, experience and expertise. Being in this group has contributed to helping me achieve my personal production of almost 7.5 million dollars in the direct-hire market.

I plan to be recruiting for a long time to come!